• Minute Cake - Set Of 4
  • Minute Cake - Set Of 4
  • Minute Cake - Set Of 4


Minute Cake - Set Of 4

$ 15.00


The Lekue Minute Cake Molds are designed to bake desserts (like lava cake) in the microwave and then eat warm. Just because you don’t have the time or energy to bake a cake doesn’t mean you don’t want a homemade dessert. This is the origin of the fast growing trend: cake-in-a-mug, cake-in-a-jar. The minute cakes small size fits into a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Product Features

   Flexibility: the cakes are easily removed from the mold
   All in one preparation, baking and serving
   Easy recipes: 3 steps, 5 minutes!
   Dishwasher safe and easy cleaning
   Non-stick silicone construction allows for easy cleaning.

Shipping Content

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