• Smoker "Ibushigin" Donabe
  • Smoker "Ibushigin" Donabe
  • Smoker "Ibushigin" Donabe
  • Smoker "Ibushigin" Donabe

Iga Mono

Smoker "Ibushigin" Donabe

$ 295.00


The Ibushigin Donabe Smoker, made by Nagatani-en, is a beautifully handcrafted piece of earthenware, made with clay from the Iga region of Japan. Perfect for homemade professional-quality smoked dishes at your dinner table.

This uniquely designed Iga-yaki donabe smoker allows you to make the professional quality smoked dishes with the easy preparations at home. By pouring the water between the donabe body and lid, the lid becomes tightly sealed without releasing the smoke outside. With this sealing effect, the smoky aroma can stay inside of the donabe to flavor the ingredients with the small amount of smoke chips. Delicious smoked dishes can be ready in about 30 minutes. (*Smoke time may vary depending on the size of ingredients and heat level.)


  • Made in Japan
  • Care: Not suitable for dishwasher, microwave or electric range.  Maximum oven temperature 450 - 500 degrees F
  • 10. ¼”ø x 8. ¾”H
  • Include Donabe body (bottom), lid, smoke grate x 3, Japanese sakura (cherry blossoms) wood smoke chips (about 3.5 oz), and ceramic trivet

Rediscovering the Iga Pottery Tradition

Located south of Nagoya, the town of Iga is renown as one the world’s oldest kiln sites.  For many, Iga ware embodies the essence of Japanese ceramics. The clay is naturally porous and ideal for cookware as the small air pockets allows for even and fragrant slow cooking. As a brand, Iga Mono has revived these centuries old ceramic materials and techniques of the Iga region with a contemporary touch. Iga Mono donabes have since become a staple in many Japanese kitchens.

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